Tata Coffee Ltd. (TCL) has committed by 2025 to improve the health and well-being of 7,500 women across Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu compromising of their employees, women dependents of employees, and women in the surrounding tribal communities -- with an emphasis on reproductive health and family planning, menstrual hygiene, anemia and nutrition, maternal health, and overall physical and mental health.

Tata Coffee Ltd. (TCL), one of the world’s largest integrated coffee companies with plantations, curing, roasting and extraction capabilities, commits to improve the health   and well-being of 7,500 women workers in the plantations and surrounding communities in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, India by 2024. Tata   Coffee aims to empower women and the   community by ensuring adequate health information and services, thereby resulting in improved health and well-being of their children, families and   the communities as well as provide a better quality of life for all. These   initiatives will focus on reproductive health and family planning, menstrual   hygiene, anemia and nutrition, maternal health, and overall physical and mental health.

With women comprising over 53% of its workforce, Tata Coffee recognizes that good health and well-being of women is crucial to improve the quality of life of its workforce and communities. Hence it intends to support women and encourage behavioral changes among the entire workforce by ensuring adequate  health resources and services. By the end of 2025, TCL commits reaching 4,500   women employees, 1,500 women dependents of its employees, and 1,500 women from nearby tribal villages. The identified tribal villages are remote with very low awareness and education on health practices and have limited access to health services.

Tata Coffee will achieve this commitment through (1) a communications program on health awareness; (2) regular health check-ups for the target populations, including screening camps for breast, uterine and other cancers; and (3) women’s health services provided through its in-house facilities, including psychiatric counselling for alcohol and tobacco abuse. Tata Coffee will also expand efforts to create a   health work environment through the prevention of violence against women. It expects to invest over $60,000 a year on these activities.