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Why Invest? 


Businesses can leverage their networks, assets and expertise to reach women with health and empowerment information and services, helping fulfill the fundamental rights of women workers and create a healthier, more empowered, and more productive workforce. 

As supply chains become more transparent, consumer demand for ethically-made products increases, and companies increasingly pursue a triple bottom line, the business case for investing in worker well-being has never been stronger.

It all adds up. Investing in workplace women's health and empowerment leads to: 

Increased Productivity 

Reduced Absenteeism
Improved Worker Satisfaction 


return on investment in workplace women's health programs 

Getting Started 

It's time to go beyond compliance. Dozens of companies are already leading the charge -- from communications, fashion, to your morning cup of tea, workplace women's health and empowerment programs like these can be adapted across sectors and scaled up globally to become the norm, fulfilling a basic human right for women and paying dividends for businesses. 

Let's get started.


Learn More

Take the first step: explore the Private Sector Action for Women's Health and Empowerment guide to understand the business case for investing, which companies are already investing and where, and opportunities to take action. 

Get In Touch

This initiative is hosting a series of webinars and global meetings that bring together factories, farms, brands, workers and NGOs already implementing high-quality programs and seeing returns. Get in touch to find out about the next meeting so you can join to learn more and take action.

Take Action

Ready to take action? Download the Framework for Corporate Action on Workplace Women's Health and Empowerment.

Opportunities for Company Action

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More than twenty companies and over a dozen organizations are partnering to implement programs improving women's health and empowerment globally. Click on the countries below to see which companies and NGOs are operating workplace programs, to learn more about the existing programs, and see if your company wants to pursue a similar program.


World Map of Private Sector Engagement 

Mapping Private Sector Engagement