Fresh Del Monte Kenya, regional leader in exports of fresh pineapple juice and canned pineapples, commits to reaching 10,000 women employees and community members with reproductive health information and services through company-led programs by 2024.

Fresh Del Monte Kenya has committed to reach 10,000 women amongst its employees and surrounding community by 2024 by providing reproductive health information and services as well as addressing other critical health needs. As a subsidiary of Fresh Del Monte Produce and a regional leader in growing, processing and exporting fresh pineapple juice and canned pineapples, Fresh Del Monte Kenya employs 6,500 employees, 45% women, who work in its processing plants and extensive pineapples plantation This commitment will be achieved through provision of training and dissemination of necessary information via newsletters, pamphlets, and fliers on reproductive health.

Fresh Del Monte Kenya also plans to expand their on-site health services in the existing company’s health clinics and provide reproductive health services and family planning. The company’s six clinics currently cater to over 12,000 people, both women, men and their dependents. Del Monte’s Wellness program is managed by a trained team of Wellness Champions and focuses on prevention as well as referrals to Government health facilities or private providers. The company will also include in this commitment new women’s health services and training to prevent sexual harassment and Gender-Based Violence in and out of the workplace.

Fresh Del Monte Kenya is committed to supporting and empowering women at workplace and the surrounding community and engaging male employees on gender equality as a part of sustaining the impact on its women health and empowerment initiatives.

“At Del Monte Kenya, it is our team member’s well-being that gives us the capacity to provide wholesome, safe and fresh products, and as a company, we do our part by ensuring that our staff is cared for in all that we do. With women making up 45% of our 6,500 employees, we strive to offer them fair wages, a safe workplace, access to quality reproductive health care, education on family planning and opportunities for growth. This we do, with a strong conviction that we cannot achieve “A Better World Tomorrow’’ without the support, dedication, and talent of each of our team members, including our women,” - Stergios Gkaliamoutsas, Managing Director, Del Monte Kenya Limited.